Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St John! :)

Had a meaningful weekend as i went for the Penganugerahan Panji-panji.
Yes u didn't hear me wrong. I went for ST JOHN again.
the night before that, okay i admit that i was really lazzzyyyy to go.
By the time i was preparing my uniform and buttons all that,
Seriously I was looking forward to it.
I was happy to see my daughtersssss again! :D
I actually wanted to hug each and everyone of them as i saw them all turned black and red after weeks of exposing under sunlight.
I think i can understand how busy they were.
Because i experienced that too.
Or maybe they suffered even more.
I want to sayang them but at last i didn't. aww :(
I felt guilty when i got my sijil at last.
I trained for once then i got it! Lol.

I got my self satisfaction when i heard the word THANK YOU from others :)
And i ended up with red red itchy itchy skin for the next few days.
Can u imagine how merciless the sunlight was on that day?
And Monday when i went working, guess what my cute students asked me.

Eunice laoshi u went desaru to play ah?
Ohhhh Eunice laoshi u drank alcohol!
Oww man.
Okay i am speechless.

My working is still as boring and busy as usual,
except for some certain funny conversation as stated above.
I am not sure whether i am going to have any single sadness when i am going to quit my job in this end of March.
Maybe i will?
everything will be the same
until 23rd of March.
Things will start to change.
Pray hard for it.
God blessed.

Although we didnt meet up that frequent,
Although i am not the one who talked to you the most,
Although u don't love me as much as i do,
I still want to give ny heart to you,
Because u just deserve it.

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