Saturday, September 17, 2011

I dont like to screw things up so i wont do it anymore

A very short update before i have anymore time to do this anymore.
I just screwed up my mid sem exam and the results is very awful.
There's no point mentioning how bad was it here
and there's no point telling me things like: it's okay! work harder next time!
I just fail to reach it. Simple.
But i will have my revenge in no time.
Just work a little bit more harder when u thought u already reach your max.
No more screwing up okay! :)
I sincerely wanna say sorry to those who was close to me recently
Or anyone who accidentally saw my recent pictures
I am working hard for a change
Be patient, so watch out people!
Wash off your memories of the old me!

Hey I am addicted to band! :D
I joined my school's band which will be performing everytime VIP came to our school.
I am the keyboard-ist!
It's too much fun than i expected.
I am loooking forward for the training everyday.
And u know, malay songs are nice ;D
My first performance is going to be on coming Monday.
I hope there will be photos to share later on. Wish me luck man!
Cant wait for it lo! hehe.

Would u choose lie over truth?
Truth are always hurtful but being kept in dark, do u like that?
People have rights to know what they should know.
So I guess im not wrong by doing that.
Wish u could get over it asap and be able to see ur smile again my dear friend!
Jiayou i am on your side :)

I have to remind myself often, that i am a brave girl!

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