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Hello my lovely readers! This is the first time I am doing a review for make up product, which is the Maybelline New York MAGNUM VOLUME SUPER FILM mascara! And what's adding the fun to this is that I will be having my first giveaway at the end of this post! Woohoo. Read on to find out more. All thanks to the sponsor from, a beauty online store :D 

The bright yellow packaging and bold red words just immediately caught my eyeballs!

Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara promises few things: impactful volume (in just one coat), long lasting wear (smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and tear-resistant for 24 hours), and easy removal (with just warm water). How amazing is that!

The best part about the Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara is that the formula is washable.
For lazy beauty, you can skip the eye-make-up remover and just head on to the washroom
and wash your face with facial cleanser!
The mascara automatically separate itself from the lashes.

Look at the brush from 2 different angles. 
The curved wand of the mascara makes application faster and it reaches on the inner and outer corner lashes easier! 

Well, action speaks louder than words. Let's have some experiments, shall we? :)


So this is me before applying any mascaras.
I know right, such typical Asian look. -.-

I’m not gifted with long lashes so I’m thankful mascara was invented! Mascara ftw! (Y)
Now let's get started!

What I do is I apply first coat of mascara on my upper lashes. And depending on how's the result, I will decide whether I need a second or a third coat. This is because it can get a little clumpy when I apply too much. 

*Small tips - As the mascara formula is quite dense and slight wet-sticky, you probably should adjust how many coats you think it will start to look nice and compliment your face and make up. :)*

Very rarely do I apply any on the bottom lashes because I tend to get mascara all over that area and mess everything up. :/

Looking forward to the results? Here you go! :)

LEFT: My bare lashes
MIDDLE: First coat
RIGHT: Second coat
I prefer just one coat as the second coat actually started to clump a little.
Just one swipe is enough to effectively give me a nice long and volumized lashes!

My eye lashes came back to life. Haha.

LEFT: Before applying mascara
RIGHT: After applying mascara

1. Washable formula, easy to remove even with water!
2. Gives volume and lengthening with just one or two swipes.
3. The curve wand makes application easier and faster
4. No smudging.
5. Long lasting.
6. Affordable price (RM35.90)

1. Can get a little clumpy when you apply too much.
2. The brush is too big for lower lashes.

All in all, the Maybelline New York MAGNUM VOLUME SUPER FILM mascara is not perfect, but its pros outweigh its cons still. I recommend this for a natural/day look and to someone who prefers hassle-free makeup removing process! I am liking it! :)
How about you? Share with me what do you think about it! :)

But.... no this is not the end of my post yet!
To thank my readers, yes it's youuuuu! :) for supporting my blog, it is GIVEAWAY TIME! I am giving out a Maybelline New York MAGNUM VOLUME SUPER FILM mascara worth RM35.90 to one lucky winner!

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I am really happy that I get to reward my readers by this giveaway.
Please support me, okeyyy? hehe :)

Hope you enjoyed reading it.
Till then! xoxo


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