Sunday, April 20, 2014

[WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT] Congratulations!

A big congratulations to Carine for winning yourself a Maybelline New York MAGNUM VOLUME SUPER FILM mascara worth RM35.90! Just so you know you are my first winner! Happy for you yay. (Y) I will email you personally for details of posting. Enjoy the mascara and hope you like it. :)

Anyway readers, if you want to be the lucky winner like her, do follow my blog for more giveaway in the future! Just click the follow button at the side of my blog. I appreciate everyone of you! :)

I have been really busy these days, so sorry if I don't update that often recently! Exams just around the corner urghhh. #medschoolproblem (But still I keep my promise to announce the winner today right hehe.) I promise you to work on my blog after the exam okeyyy! Long summer break awaiting me hoho. :D

Oh btw, have you follow my Instagram? I am currently doing the project of #100happydays challenge! You probably heard of this already. Yes it is a project for people to challenge themselves to be happy for 100 consecutive days by sharing photos of your small bits of happiness on Facebook/Instagram. It has come to the countdown for mine! Woohoo so excited. I never thought I can successfully post photos everyday and now is like a homework to me everyday hahah. And I will share about it on my blog soon. Click here to follow me and discover my happiness together with me! @eunicethammm :)

Till then! Ciao to study.
Wish me luck! xoxo

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