Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Carousell: How I became a ladyboss in five minutes :D

You didn't hear me wrong! You don't need a shop, you don't need to know marketing skills. With Carousell, anyone can be a business woman! Thanks to Carinn for introducing this awesome apps to me! :)

What is Carousell?
Carousell is an iPhone and Android app that makes selling as simple as taking a photo. All you gotta do is snap-list-sell! Listings are free, and it takes just 30 seconds to list! You can even buy what you want by chatting with the sellers right from the app.

Why Carousell?
1. Girls' saviour!

I believe not just me. Every girl have this first world problem - shop a lot, later to realize that you actually don't need them or you don't fancy them that much. And they ended up being dumped in a corner of your wardrobe, never been worn again. But now, fret not! Carousell is every girl's saviour because you can just Carousell them now!

2. Super simple!


Well, I must say they really understand we girls. I am the typical kind of girl who would just give up when the steps are too much of a hassle. But with Carousell, simply snap a photo, describe it, and list your item. Snap-list-sell! And it's free! What's not to love? :D Read on to learn the 3 simple steps!

3. It is sale going on every day! 

You don't just get to sell items, you can buy from the other users too! You can easily get branded stuffs like Topshop, Forever 21, Cotton On, Padini, Gucci and so many more, with greatly reduced prices up to 80% off! Plus, you don't have to wander around the shopping malls making your legs ache! Pre-loved stuffs are particularly cheap, you can get a beautiful dress in just RM10 CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! If you don't fancy pre-loved items, there are some brand new stuffs too! Simply scroll on different categories to uncover hidden gems.

I can't wait to start Carousell-ing! Let's get started!

How to Carousell?
STEP 1: 
Download the apps! It is available on both Android and iPhone. Search "Carousell" or you can use this link: to find out more. Once you've downloaded it, create your account! Or you can sign up with your Facebook.

As you can see from the pictures below, they are divided into several categories such as beauty products, lifestyle gadgets, for him, for her, antiques, and even k-pop for k-pop lovers! You can click into each categories and search for things you like. You can also see how other users sell their stuffs and learn from them heh.

See the ''SELL'' button on the top right of the page? Click on it to start selling! They will ask how do you want to take your photo, you can either 
1. Use their inbuilt camera or 
2. Choose an existing photo from your gallery.

It basically functions like Instagram where the photos have to be in square shape so do take note of this. Tips for better selling - take clearer pictures and be as detail as possible!

Look, they even have editing features for us! At the bottom column, you can choose to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpening and vignetting, it is so convenient for us!

Here I am selling my Cotton On Yellow Sleeveless top.

After taking the photos, they will bring you to the page as shown below. You are allowed to take 4 pictures so you can take pictures from different angle for clearer view. Then you will be asked to write descriptions about your item. One click and you can also share to your Facebook and Twitter to gain more exposure! :)

Firstly, categorise your item. 
Second, briefly introduce your item. You may state the condition of your item, size, colour, where you bought them, reasons of selling, etc. You can also specify a place to meet the buyer! But if you are not specifying a place, you need to state whether you provide free shipping or there is extra charges to it.

Third, set a price and there you go! :)

You will then receive notifications if people liked your items, followed you, or commented on your items. They also have seller spotlight everyday!

Tadaaa so this is how my profile looks like. Do follow me and see if there is anything you like there! I only sell good quality products! *guaranteed* hehe. To be honest, most of my items are brand new! And you can even rate me by +1 me under my name or leave me feedbacks or comments. This can be a reference to other users. However, I am still waiting for my first customer! Anyone anyone? *lelong lelong* hehe.

So, what are you waiting for? Start Carousell-ing and be your own ladyboss! :)

For more information, check out the links below:

Eunice. :)


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