Sunday, October 12, 2014

[FASHION+GIVEAWAY] Introducing Off The Rack Asia!

With the busy lifestyle that everyone has to deal with nowadays, online shopping has increased in popularity. However, sometimes shopping online is difficult because you will find pieces from several different stores, but you have a hard time imagining whether they would complement each other. If I were to tell you that now you can put items from different brands and sites together to see  if they match with each other, then shop the entire look afterwards. How cool is that?

Introducing Off The Rack Asia!

Founded in 2013, Off The Rack Asia has established itself as a website promoting local designers and a retailer across Asia-Pacific. It offers wallet-friendly fashionable items that are different from what is already available in Malaysia. Other than the over 5000 styles from your favourite online shops, Off The Rack Asia gives a fun and interactive online shopping experience with the create-a-look feature. If you are familiar with Polyvore, they are basically the same! You get to mix and match items to create your own individual sets which you can then instantly share the look with your friends on various social medias. A new platform to all the fashion lovers out there. Feeling excited? Let me take you through the site! :)

Step 1

Step 2
Sign up to create looks! You can even connect it with your Facebook.

Step 3
Click on the Create button, and you will be directed to this page. Choose a background, or if you'd prefer a clean and white background, just drag and drop anything into the box! You can adjust the sizes of the items, bring it forward or backward. 
It is as easy as ABC!

Step 4
Name your look, press save, then voila! I named my first outfit ''The Wild One'' with the sexy leopard print bra top. 
What do you think about it? :)

Step 5
Use the Explore button to be inspired by the others! 
Here you can browse and interact with other users by sharing, liking and commenting on their looks. :)

Now that you know what it's all about, let's get started! Create and upload your look to stand a chance to win attractive prizes from Off The Rack Asia! You can create as many sets as you like. The deadline to this contest is 26/10/2014 (Sunday). Don't forget to include hashtag #Eunice to let them know that you are my blog reader! :)

So what are you waiting for? Unleash the inner styling talent of you, start creating your sets to see how amazing is Off The Rack Asia! Trust me, this is highly addictive and you will love it. I look forward to see your sets, goodluck folks!

For more information:
Off The Rack Asia Official website :
Off The Rack Asia Facebook :
Off The Rack Asia Twitter :
Off The Rack Asia Instagram :


  1. Great giveaway!
    All the best to all.
    Lets stay in contact through GFC G+ Twitter and Bloglovin. Follow me will love to add you back <3

  2. another online shopping company? wow.. :D

    Henry Tan


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