Monday, June 29, 2015

Life as a medical student #12 When a baby is born

As a medical student, I am blessed with chances to see and experience things other people do not get to. When I was allowed into an elective Caesarean Section for the first time, my heart pounded in excitement. I was about to witness the bringing of a new life into this world!

When I entered the room, the epidural was being administered by the anaesthesia team. Surgeons and assistants were scrubbing in, putting on sterile gowns and gloves. Doctors and nurses were moving about, readying the room for delivery. Everything was in place. Then there it was - a strong pregnant mummy sitting on a cold operating table, considering what lies before her - probably feeling scared and alone. Her partner was not allowed in the operating theater. And in these moments, she must hold onto the strong love she has for her baby. She didn't know how long she'll have to wait before she could hold her baby in her arms. She let fear washed over her, and then she let it drifted away. She must be a strong lady. All the mummy.

I made a quick silent prayer in my head for her and her baby.

And then the actual surgery happened. An incision was made in the mummy's lower abdomen by using a scalpel. A few more incisions were carefully made to separate layers of fat tissues, fascia and peritoneum underneath. After the uterus was opened, it was then time for the surgeon to reach into the uterus and pull the baby out. I could feel the atmosphere of the room became so tense that everyone in the room was holding their breaths.

I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw the tiny little baby girl out of the mother's uterus, arms flailing, lungs wailing. The room was filled with joy, everyone was delighted.

''Happy Birthday, to you, the little one. 
Welcome to this beautiful world.''

And thank you, to all the brave women who birth their children with such strength and beauty.


  1. This is so beautifully written babe!!

    1. Because this is specially dedicated to beautiful mums like you! <3

  2. glad that it is an option on delivery method especially for mom with complication


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