Sunday, June 28, 2015

[COOKING REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] Ikan Brand #1 Portuguese Style Sweet and Spicy Fish

I study away from home so it is inevitable for me to cook dinner myself. Therefore, I really needed a short-cut in order to speed up the cooking process but at the same time gives me a tasty dinner. I am health conscious too, so I am looking for something with no artificial seasonings. Then I found this - Ikan Brand instant curry paste!

If you love eating curries, chilli paste, Thai sauce food, you are reading the right blog for a simple sweet and spicy fish recipe. The first recipe that I am going to share with you is ''Portugese Style Sweet and Spicy Fish''. Thank you Ikan Brand for sponsoring me the delicious sauces. Read till the end of this post to know how you could win yourself some Ikan Brand's products too!

Portugese dishes are very popular in Malacca, Malaysia because back then in the early centuries, The Portugese colony had brought in their well-known spicy recipes to our country and were adapted over the years. This Portugese paste is suitable for stir-fry or steaming method especially meats such as prawns, chicken, fishes and even tofu.

First of all, steam 600gm of fish for 10 minutes. Pour in 1 packet of Ikan Brand paste. Let it steam for another 5 minutes. (Appox: 15 minutes) Tips: Give deep diagonal cuts on the surface of the fish so that the fish meat is cooked easily.

In less than thirty minutes, my Portuguese Style Sweet and Spicy Fish is ready to serve!

Portuguese Fish - Sweet and Spiciness in A Plate

As simple as that! Now everyone can be their own chefs. :)


Ikan Brand's range of delicious sauces add authentic flavour and irresistible flair to your cooking. They only use natural ingredient, and all products are with no preservatives, MSG and coloring. They check and make sure all their suppliers have HALAL cert and all their supplier's products are without preservatives. They also pack their products in high temperature condition to ensure longer shelf life. Follow my blog to check out more recipes that showcase how versatile Ikan Brand's sauces are.

A little something to share, Ikan Brand always supports charity events which required product sponsoring. Just contact them and they will try their best to assist. They also have 4 workers from Dual Blessing Berhad (non-profit organisation for people with disability). Click here to watch video taken by Dual Blessing Berhad to know more about it.


Ikan Brand is giving out 50 packs of their products to 50 readers just by following the 3 steps mentioned below :

1. Follow me on my Instagram (Click here)
2. Like and share Ikan Brand's Facebook page (Click here)
3. Message Ikan Brand on Facebook: Name, mailing address, phone number and don't forget to mention my blog link! (

*Only one packet will be given per mailing address 
*Only for mailing address within East and West Malaysia

Ikan Brand products are available at Jusco, Giant and Econsave supermarkets.
For more information, visit Ikan Brand's Facebook page:

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