Thursday, July 9, 2015

[COOKING REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] Ikan Brand #4 Rendang Chicken

If you love hot curries, you'll love rendang. Often being described as a dry curry, it is a must-have during festivities such as Hari Raya. But with Ikan Brand's instant rendang paste, you don't really need an occasion to get a taste of this classic, full-of-spice creation. This post is also specially dedicated to the Muslims who are going to celebrate Hari Raya in less than a month. Selamat Berbuka Puasa! :)

Prepare your chicken by cutting it into desired sizes. Stir fry chicken with one packet of Ikan Brand rendang paste over low heat until aromatic. Add water to simmer until chicken is tender and gravy become thicker. It took awhile to cook because you have to wait for it to "dry" up but it's worth the wait. Approximately 30 minutes.

Last touch - a packet of coconut milk. 
Once the coconut milk has been added to the blend, it creates a rich, creamy base.
Also add some curry leaves to give more fragrance to rendang.

Rendang Chicken - A Feast of Ramadhan

Serve with plain white rice. There you go. Enjoy!


Ikan Brand's range of delicious sauces add authentic flavour and irresistible flair to your cooking. They only use natural ingredient, and all products are with no preservatives, MSG and coloring. They check and make sure all their suppliers have HALAL cert and all their supplier's products are without preservatives. They also pack their products in high temperature condition to ensure longer shelf life. Follow my blog to check out more recipes that showcase how versatile Ikan Brand's sauces are.

A little something to share, Ikan Brand always supports charity events which required product sponsoring. Just contact them and they will try their best to assist. They also have 4 workers from Dual Blessing Berhad (non-profit organisation for people with disability). Click here to watch video taken by Dual Blessing Berhad to know more about it.


Ikan Brand is giving out 50 packs of their products to 50 readers just by following the 3 steps mentioned below :

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*Only one packet will be given per mailing address 
*Only for mailing address within East and West Malaysia

Ikan Brand products are available at Jusco, Giant and Econsave supermarkets.
For more information, visit Ikan Brand's Facebook page:

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