Monday, November 23, 2015

[SHOPPING] The 3 Sportswear For Women Clothing To Own

It does not matter whether you work out regularly or not, every woman should have some sportswear clothing in their wardrobe at home. The reason is sportswear can be worn as your casual clothes lounging at home or while you do errands. It is definitely a plus if you love working out at the gym, doing yoga or jog. However if you are someone who love the outdoors, sportswear clothing is a must-have. For the ladies who realize that they do not have proper sportswear stored in the back of their closet should definitely take a look at some important sportswear for women clothing pieces. 

#1 Sports bra

Women know that sports bra is crucial to be worn on extreme active routines to protect our chest from the level of gravity. Sports bras are designed to make a woman’s life easy as it cannot be denied that we feel pain at the chest from harsh activities. The sports bra is made with comfortable fabric and great wire support to ease movement. Choose from the wonderful range of sports bra available from simple plain to colourful patterns to wear under your top. 

#2 Leggings

It is important for you to feel comfortable working out or lounging around at home. Leggings definitely are a genius fashion invention as it follows the curve of your legs while still giving you that comfort feeling. Wear it with a basic top, a pull over sweater or a tank top and move around comfortably everywhere you go. Sports legging fabric are thicker which makes it perfect to wear even when you step out of the house. 

#3 Sports shoe

It will be shocking to hear someone who does not have a pair of sports shoe. Sports shoes may be known to be worn on your work out sessions but it can also be matched with your other clothes as well. Pull it together with a pair of casual jeans or dress for a boyish feminine like appeal and step out with comfortable footwear. 

"Either you run the day or the day runs you." 
Jim Rohn


  1. You're definitely right about the importance of having a proper workout/sports clothing. I would love to have a high-waisted yoga pants or workout leggings. But so far, I haven't found any in Malaysia online stores.

  2. Thanks for this post! Love it! New Balance India Website has an amazing collection of sports wear for women .Check it out if you're planning to buy new ones

  3. I completely agree with you that it does not matter at all whether you work out on regular basis or not, every woman should own active clothing in their wardrobe at home. I work out twice in a week so already have some cool pairs for pattern leggings and sports bras which provide me a lot of comfort.


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