Monday, January 2, 2012

Please dont leave me

Today is the 2nd day of 2012!
I want to share with you guys of how I countdown for this new year!
Instead of partying all night, clubbing, eating and celebrating hard for the new year,
my friends and I had a serious and silent countdown.
We sit in a circle, holding each other's hands like what I did during my Stjohn's life,
recalling back our 2011, asking for forgiveness, and making wishes for our 2012.
It was a nice way of welcoming 2012.
Why fill every celebration with liquor and foodsss, right? hehe.
2011 was a year full of changes.
A lot of new things and new people and new environment.
And I know 2012 will be another year of unknowns.
God blessed, please.

I dont know how to define bitch, but I think she's one.
I dont think it's my jealousy that overcomes me, that blinded me.
Her action just makes me feel annoyed and disgusted.
I wish I could escape out of her.
I dont want to tie up my life together with her anymore.

I dont know am I capable for you to say you are jealous of me.
Am I really blessed now for having you with me?
Am I dreaming now, and going to wake up to reality in no time?
I dont love it that much, I just love the way you love me.
I dont know how to love.

I love my band very much.
I love Seven Souls very much.
Please dont leave me. Please.

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