Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rock Your Life with us, Seven Souls

Rewinding back time to the day audition of College Band held.
I was reluctant to go at the first place.
Thank you Lee Pui Hong for ajak me to go!
Hence, my band life started off.
Feeling very blurrrr with the Malay songs at first.
Ended up with falling in love with Malay songs now.
The first performance is the one I enjoyed the most.
I guess all the super friends and the shadow think so. :)
And the climax of my passion starts during the Battle of the Band.
I have 6 awesome members fighting together with me.
My drummer Mr Fateh.
My Bassist Mr Husaini.
My dear Keyboardist Lee Pui Hong.
My guitarist Azhar and Daus.
And the vocalist Mustaza.
Showing you the video of our grand final!
Hysteria from Muse.
Sorry for not very clear music.
A veryyy rocking song. Get ready to be a ROCKER :p

It may not be the best show from Seven Souls.
Because I personally think that all my awesome members can perform better and better and better.
We were kinda unlucky because we were the first to perform that night.
U can say that it's a myth that normally, first team to perform will be easily forgotten.
And the truth is, we were not the champion that night.
We were shocked of the almost flawless performances from the other bands.
We were sad and disappointed.
BUT seriously I feel very very very proud of them.
My sadness must be nothing compared to theirs.
All bacause that they prepare so much for this battle.
They think of everything for us,
Because I never joined band, I am not experienced.
what I could do is just accept everything they prepare as for granted.
I always remember that someone told me, we play the music that we want,
not for getting the champion, but to impress the audience.
Make the audience respect the way we play music.
Always presenting the best music for the audience.
They got brillliant ideas, for they are all experienced band members.
I feel good, feel lucky, feel satisfied to be a member of Seven Souls.
Without a good ending, but I had a nice journey.
I clearly know that I wont get any chance to be a band member in the future.
And my band life will be my greatest memory in Matriculation. Irreplaceable!
Another passion in me was found.
The spirit inside me will never die.
Thanks all. :) <3

Specially dedicated to the
Seven Souls! :D
No more sadness out of Battle, you guys are the best yo! ;)

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