Monday, January 23, 2012

To: A special friend

Sometimes we are friends, sometimes we are not.
We once share our troubles together.
We once share one drinks together.
We once slept together.
But sorry we are too alike.
Physics concept have proved that: same poles repel, different poles attract.
We always want for the same thing.
So we fight. Because none of us like the feeling of losing.
We become enemies for most of the time.
We are the nearest to each other but our hearts are the furthest away.
But dear friend, I am here to talk to you.
I hope this somehow makes our heart closer.
Sometimes I feel like I wanted to sayang u very much as I know u feel lonely.
And maybe u need me.
But I am too proud to put down my pride.
I have set up wall against you, I dont want to be the one who concedes defeat first.
Sometimes I think I have misunderstand you, and maybe we can back to the time we were once close.
You win and I lose most of the time.
But when I heard you saying winners are always lonely,
my heart melts.
I realise I am very selfish.
I lose all the time, but I am too blessed.
I have many nice friends, no matter my sec friends, matrics friends, classmates or family.
Sorry, maybe I should be the one closest to you, accompanying you.
But I cant. We just dont meant for each other.
But I wish to give u my sincere wishes here.
In this new year, I hope that there is someone in your life,
who can always beside you, so that you wont be alone.
I hope this person is able to mould you into a better person.
So that people no longer thinks that you are very hard to deal with.
I am willing to put down my wall against you, but I just cant be the one beside you, cry with you, laugh with you.
Sorry for all those cold shoulders I have given you.
I hope I can be more generous towars you too.
Give me more time to accept.
Girl, you dont need to act strong all the time.
Stop always doing things alone.
Dont eat alone. Dont jog alone. Dont walk alone.
You are not that strong.
If you are reading this,
Jiayou my friend.
With love.

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