Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Have a lot of things to say. Have a lot of troubles to share. Have a lot of tears to overflow.
But I am alone in my room now so I can only type. Type, LIKE REALLY HARD. Now is not the time to pity my keyboard.
This is when no verbal words can describe my feelings perfectly. Even if there is, who to tell?
When again, I screwed things up again. I really did. No miracles happened. Wtf.
This should be expected! What else am I looking forward for.
Be a genius who never need to study? Stop your wishful thinking.
So you are telling me this is what I deserved. So I am really weak. So I study not enough. So I should sleep less.
I have always performed well during big examinations. From UPSR PMR SPM to PSPM. Maybe, those were all because I have been so lucky in all those examinations. I am never smart, as I thought, as people thought, as those results shown. I was just, too lucky. Everything was just an illusion.
My HIS module nearly broke my lowest score record in my whole lifetime. The other 4 modules are equally disappointing as well.
Please someone please tell me what should I do now. Cry or what?
I am a nobody. FML.

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