Monday, May 20, 2013

All For One, One For All.

2009 to 2013.
5 years of continuously having burning passion to something is not easy.
I have never absent in every year's competition.
I tried to be there every year, knowing that how important mental support is to the competitors.
And every year my SSI girls never failed to make me feel proud.
Can't help to feel heartache for these little girls, for losing the battle again, like how I witnessed every year, like how I experienced it myself in 2009.
But I guess this is coming to an end.
Although I still feel the beating heart of mine when I was shouting the familiar slogan together with them.
What to do? I love old memories. :)



A shooting star flew by
And you quickly came to mind
I knew once you walked into my life
You're exactly what I needed to find

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