Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bad Luck.

I lost my laptop last week.

Long story cut short, it was stolen. It is very saddening to repeat the story again and again. Although I know that people who asked are actually trying to show their care. I thank them for that. I had such low awareness that I never kept a copy for all the documents, pictures and videos in my laptop. I hope by sharing it here, people can have higher awareness. Please, remember to keep a copy in your hard disc or use dropbox! (or maybe I am the only one don't practise this?) Because Malaysia is not safe anymore.

I never knew that my laptop was actually a blessing from my university until Anjanette used ''blessing'' this word. Our university gave each and everyone of us a free laptop when we registered in hope that it will faciliate our studies. I took that for granted  never knew how much it actually meant to me. It was my first laptop. And I unconsciously need it everyday for printing notes, typing and jotting down important notes in class, etc. It was until I lost my laptop only I realise how inconvenient it is without my laptop.

So, stop saying ''Don't take things for granted, don't take things for granted''. You've got to really implement it and appreciate. Appreciate everything that you own. Be it things, or people. After all, I still believe that everything happens for a reason. Although I still don't get it now, it surely is trying to tell me something. We will see.

1 comment :

  1. The internet acts as a buffer; where pictures and documents can be stored indefinitely.
    Anyway things happen. Don't be sad. Get one more and protect it better.


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