Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello to everyone out there! :D
It has been a long time since i updated my blog.
Just guess how busy is my college life?
finished my mid semester exam two weeks ago
This means a quarter of my matrics life gone.
Not going to recall back how i performed for my exam
the thing is
here comes my two weeks holiday so i am here! Woo!
Seriously, I cant stop smiling until now.
The feeling to be with my family is just too awesome.
and having to think that i am going to meet with my girls soon.

I have been thinking that this world is so extremely wonderful.
Yes wonderful.
I certainly believe that God is an awesome person.
HE will not give u what u want, but HE will give u what suits you.
Because HE knows u better that anyone do.
Dont ever think of lying in front of HIM unless u are insane.
I dont believe in this before, but now, I decided to trust in HIM.
Thank you God.
I know why am i in kmns, and why i gone through changing of class,
and end up in S1EP4 now.
For there's always a reason behind YOUR actions.
Please continue to watch over me, and give me those strength i needed.

I have too many plans for my two weeks holiday.
Too many people to meet up with
Too many chat to be continue with
It can be very very short and will pass in a blink of eye if i didnt planned it carefully.
U know what?
Me and my friends packed lots of books and homeworks in our laguages
Laguages are not for clothes anymore, but for our books
Who knows whether are we going to study in these two weeks? ;)
And okayyy, i am really tired as i just manage to finish up tonnes of assignments last night
And yeah
My first plan of my holiday is to lay back on my cosy bed and sleep like there's no tomorrow.
Goodnight! :)

When things are getting on like this so smoothly, time flies.
Things are getting on smoothly
IF you choose to ignore what makes u unpleasant.
I dont want to think about things regarding you. At least for this moment right now.
It makes me feel like crying so goodbye.

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