Monday, August 29, 2011

A post about you

Yes I am going to talk about u today.
Yes you jiu shi ni.
I have too much of bu-shuangness in my heart after what u had told me last night.
Although it was actually just a lie.
You should know i always easily trust what other ppl says.
Especially those who i care the most, and that includes u.
Eunice is, just that dumb.
So yeah, u succeded.
I was trapped. But with a bit of relief.
Hai hao ni shi pian wo de.
I shouldnt hoping anything else from u,
U have freedom to do what u like now,
beacuse u really not belongs to me.
No matter in the past, present or in the future.
But when i say zhu ni xing fu, i meant it.
Zhen de yi ding yao xing fu.
Because u really, really deserve this.
Somehow i know u are going to read this.
Can u feel my wishes for u? :)

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