Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Season of exam is coming again

My previous year6 students are going to have their UPSR soon.
Eunice laoshi wish u all a very big GOODLUCK!
Miss u all lotss!
Please score for my English. hehe :p
Form 5's are going to have their trials.
And i was reminded of the hardships i went through last year at this moment.
Hen kuai jiu hui guo qu de. JIAYOU!
Jiayou my dear daughters! :D
And, and
Those who are studying a-levels are having their big test after raya.
Specially to bai zuer, ciawen, lianghui, yongxin and others who didnt mention to me about ur exam but u are going to have it too. :D hehe. Wishes are available for everyone!
Guess exams are forever non stop.
Jiayou people!

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