Friday, August 3, 2012

Give me more strength for my fight. More.

Four teeth have all extracted. Hey, extracting four teeth is no kidding! Pain. Still, I feel unbearable to part with my teeth. After all, they were what my parents have given me. 身体发肤,受之父母. Should really really cherish it, ain't it? BUT for my teeth to look nicer prettier in the future, let me just bear with the pain! ;) And so I decided to take more pictures of me showing my teeth, then I can spot the difference of me wearing braces later on. Hehe.

Love the fish. <3 p="p">

I email JPA everyday, but everytime it says: Undeliverable because the mailbox is currently full. Wth JPA people never update their mailbox I tell you. None of the email successfully sent. And hence I decided to call JPA today, after considering and replaying what should I say to them in my brain for countless time. Nervously with shaky hands I call out to them. ................... Ahhh forget about my conversation with the JPA people, I will just say that I failed convincing them. :(
Ahh well fine. Expected. Let me just continue with my prayers everyday, hold on to the faith, I will hold on to it until the last minute last seconds. God bless please!

The latest news states that JPA decided to offer 600 students who didn't get into public university with private university. Fully sponsored by JPA. Hey I don't understand. Why you only offer 50 places in Perdana University, out of 200 applicants? 50 is so little compared to 600. What a sad case. -.-

I gave up the chance to go to Tanjong Energy Scholarship Award 2012 today. Many of them not even shortlisted for the interview, I am the lucky one. Wasted? I don't know why but, I just don't like people who fight these scholarship chances when they don't really want it. I am not really interested in the scholarship, or perhaps no mood? Although it is obviously a far more better scholarship offer than JPA, I decided to give this chance to the others. I am already under JPA, so no worries! And I only need this JPA PIDN 1 2011 scholarship if it has come to the worst condition.

                         I will never go for things I don't like, same goes for people.

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