Monday, August 27, 2012

When a doctor himself is sick

He trully has what it takes to be a great doctor.
But what if a potential doctor is sick?
It is, something mentally.

He is smart. He scores in examination. Top student. Knowledgable.
He can express himself good in words. Either in Chinese English or Malay.
No doubt that he has great interest in Medical field.
BUT at the same time, he lives on his own.
Friends around him regard him as true friends but he always claims that he is alone.
He is an attention-seeker.
He thinks people around him do not appreciate him.
He is already talented enough but he shows off and exaggerates it.
He lives in his own world. With his own big ambition.

I am not a psychologist who can tell what happened to him and cure him.
Instead I am just a friend who pity of him and hoping someone professional enough to offer him help.
I am wondering how he's gonna be in the future.

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