Thursday, August 2, 2012

I miss the old good days.

1. I miss the time when I was still 15 years old and I started to find people who know sports are so attractive. The very first time I felt the exciteness touching the volleyball and involved myself in it. Though I am not a good player, I enjoy watching volleyball match. London Olympics 2012 reminds me of my beating heart for this sport. I miss cheering for my secondary school's boy team. The best as always. :)

2. I miss the time when we finally stepped up on the stage and receice the highest award in the band competition. The time when I went through all the difficulties with my 6 other teammates and emerged as the champion. The feeling of winning is just too sweet. This is Seven Souls @ Tujuh Jiwa.

3. I miss the time I travel with them. And the time where I can just knock my opposite door and I will get to find them at anytime. Sticking together everyday. But, till now, I have lose contact with them. After all, it's just a less-than-one-year friendship, yeah? Not that strong enough. I will still miss them, when reminiscing back my Matric life. Ahh the old good days.

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