Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello September!

September is coming, it indicates changes in my life, and perhaps many's lives.


Firstly, I must learn to say Goodbyes.
Sister is flying to France tomorrow for her 2 years Master in Pure Chemistry programme.
I will not be seeing her for 2 years! I am gonna miss her and worry for her.
Yet I am feeling very proud of her because she gets this scholarship not from Malaysian government, but from the Europe government. It is, you know, so proud of it. :) Malaysian government is always kinda, disappointing, eh?
Terms frequently using these days are luggage, airport, Euro money and etc.
However, there are words that I wouldn't dare to tell her, that I am sincerely wishing her the best, take good care especially during the cold weather, and tell me how snow looks like! hehe.
If you never met my sister and wondering how she's like,
People, let me tell you. My sister is an amazing one.

Brother is going to University Tun Hussien Onn aka UTHM for his 4 years degree programme.
In this 4 years, he must changed, to better, hopefully.
He must meet good mates, good lecturers, good environment.
Only then he will shine out and, yeah, prove what you can do okay!

Matric friends, and even some Secondary mates are all heading to their respective universities.
I guess there are anticipation and exciteness in them.
If it is me, I won't be mumbling on Facebook saying that you can't bear saying goodbyes to Holidays.
I am really contented of it, and instead, I am looking forward to studying again,
I am really excited about my future. :)


I easily experience mood swings, with something I don't know why.
When I am getting elder, I always end up disappointing in relationship among people. People will say, this is a process of growing up.

He speaks of his bad infront of you, but tomorrow you see he is still intimate with him.
He says ' I love you ' to someone who he don't love, just because someone loves him too much to the extent that he feels that he has to repay and nobody want to lose free love.
When he knows that people really really loves him a lot, that people has put him at the first place, he leaves, enjoying the free love, because he has own people's heart.

So ugly. But brilliant.
So I guess growing up is discovering ugly things.



I am in a process of becoming prettier!

I am having the Ugly Betty smile. Lol.

It is already the fourth day of me putting on braces.
Chose red as the colour of my braces and hey, I noticed that Red surrounds me recently! I wonder why. Haha.
Mine is considered a serious case I guess, as I noticed that my dentist spent quite a time explaining to me why she had to put 2 plastics at the back of my teeth. According to her, if she didn't put those plastics, my upper teeth will knock off the lower part of the fixed appliances. So the function of those 2 plastics is to prevent my upper and lower teeth from contacting with each other.
Complicated to understand? Yea you just need to know that it resulting in me cannot chew at all.
Ohh I tell you this is miserable. I have been swallowing my food these days.
Eating is meaningless to me right now.
Despite of Mummy's mouth-watering food, I eat oat and porridge. D:
Every morning wake up and realise there are full of wires in your mouth, pulling hard as the teeth, they are all struggling to line themselves up in a line, the feeling is awful.
I cannot Laugh Out Loud like before anymore.
Plus, the ulcers. I get ulcers because of not used to the wires. Sighhh.
Don't know what to do, what put on has been put on. You are not expecting me to give up here and tell my dentist, hey remove all the wires. LOL.
Will be meeting my new friends in Perdana in my braces-look then.
I see suffering life ahead!
That is why people agree to this quote so much, 没有丑女人,只有怕苦的女人!

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