Saturday, September 15, 2012

I lied. I lied?

This is my real story.

It started off with JPA came out the letter of agreement of Perdana University late. Super pissed off.
JPA is like, never punctual, cheating all the way.
Well, that is not my main point.
So I printed out the documents late. And I have 3 copies of Dokumen Perjanjian where I need to find a saksi to guaranteed me bonded by JPA, guaranteed me following their terms and conditions and things like that. Normally we need a Pengetua to be our saksi. A teacher of certain grades so it is Pengetua.
So I went back to SSI yesterday.
Very unfortunately, Pengetua was not in at the moment, and I was told that she will not be back until next week. Okay bo bian. I am going to PU next week, must be done today.
Hence I went to SAB. YES their Pengetua was in! So I entered her room and requested her to sign for me. Very dramatically. When she was about to sign, the pen almost touched the paper! She asked : " Kamu pelajar sini kan? "
My first instinct : " Oh no no, saya pelajar SSI. "
GONE. She put down her pen and refused to sign for me. She said she only signed for her ex students.
Okay well. Bye bye.

I went to the third school. SMK Muhd Khalid which is near to SSI too.
And, uh oh. Still very dramatically. The same thing happened. Pengetua don't want to sign for non ex-students.
I came out from the room with tears. I must get the documents done today! What if, nobody can sign for me. Nobody dares to be my saksi.
Then my mummy saw me and knew the reason.  She said : " Why don't you just said yes I am the ex-student of this school? No Pengetua will remember faces of every students. "

The fourth school is Convent.
Their Pengetua is a kind Chinese woman. I mean, she looked kind.
And the same question appeared, " You are ex-student of this school right? "
" Err.... " I was hesitating should I lied.
" Okay so let me see.... " Phew! She didn't probed me to answer. So I decided to keep silent.
Finally I came out from her room with her chop rasmi and signature.
Mummy said: " See! You could have save a lot of time if you don't exclaim yourself as SSI student at the first place. "

The moral of my story is, lying helps at certain time?

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