Thursday, September 6, 2012

Leader or follower?

"Willing of discovering the world beat down the willing of having a routine life."

This is my dearest sister's quote that makes her having the courage to start a new life in France.
Me too, hate to have a routine life.
That is why sometimes I love holidays and hate holidays at the same time.
Because holidays make me ended up having routine life, sleep, eat and lazy. I am, seriously, going to love my life if it is exciting everyday. Opening up your eyes every morning and you have small excitement in your heart because you have expectations to the day.
Yes, sleep like there is no tomorrow is a bliss, but it is a short bliss.
I wouldn't mind to enjoy the small bliss once in a while, but not everyday! That will be a life without motive.
Most of the friends around me have started their new life in their universities.
I know soon it will be my turn too, but you just feel insecure inside. The feeling is like, why I am still lazy-ing at home? I am having the feeling of being the minority.

Would you prefer to be a nobody in a strongly competitive society, where groups of geniuses are around you, OR be a leader in a less competitive society?
The first situation is suffocating. It is like, you lose all the time. You lose the chance to show your talents. Or maybe in fact people have greater talents that you do. You clapped for others instead of receiving the applause.
But I wouldn't like myself to be in the second situation as well. A leader in a less competitive society will slowly lose its real ability inside. Even without himself noticed. Ego slowly built. This is not healthy.
So I am, luckily ( maybe? ) in the first situation.
I may not really be a nobody, who knows? Okay laaa I must say I hate to lose. Lol.
So I will try hard to be a somebody in it.

The thinking of she is alone there makes me really want to pray for her everyday.
Jiayou my brave Sister!

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