Wednesday, December 19, 2012


First of all, I am here to complain. Secondly, I am going to talk in different language and it is not the matter that you understand me or not. Whatever. For I just want to speak out. Take this post as a dustbin la okay because what I am going to talk about is trash. I know, I know I just told you that my life is good in my previous post. But the stupid me just messed this all up again. My cardsigning! My third cardsgining ended up as a B again. 3 Bs in one shot. Very consistent? What the hell Eunice Tham you are so genius. I don't actually give a shit about how much percentage cardsigning carries but the feeling is just so awful. Awful as in because everyone else in your group get A but you get a super irritating B. Awful as in your groupmates got easier questions than you and you got questions out of lecture notes. The feeling is !@#%^&89*$% when you can answer every other's questions, but not your own questions. I seriously don't know what the hell can this unlucky situation happens on me ehh you think too highly of me or what. A very fucked up and screwed up situation when you see your lecturer write down another big B on your sheet, despite all the nights that you have stayed up for all the studies, despite all the hardwork all the prayer all the tears. God you still show me a dim pathway. How are you supposed me to continue my 5 years? I really really really doubt myself a lot. I just want an A to prove myself, to make myself feel better, to boost my confidence, to know that yes I am on a correct pathway. Why so hard? I never think that I am that weak. Or I have been thinking too highly of myself? Of course A is not everything, and A does not stands for perfection. But people who get A and people who get B is just a big difference. They automatically will be in 2 different worlds. I am just so stupid so stupid so stupid can I go and bang wall and die right now ahhh. Thank you for listening my rubbish talk goodnight.

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  1. the worst thing in life is not when your aim high and dont achieved it, but when you aim low and you hit it..



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