Thursday, December 6, 2012

World Aids Day

1st of December is World Aids Day people!
And I attended this campaign held by Red Ribbon Youth Club last Saturday at Berjaya Times Square.
ERASE. Eradicate AIDS and Stigma = Equality. No discrimination and we are all no difference from one another!
'' If I were to tell you that I am a HIV+ patient, are you willing to give me a hug? ''
So this is basically what we started off to approach people on that day.
Basically, my volunteer job scope was to give free hugs. This aims to tell people that AIDS will not transmitted through physical contacts! And as a way of we, volunteers spreading love to public maybe? :)
It was a little bit awkward at the first place, as Malaysians are still typically conservative ( as we know ) and I got rejected for a few times. But slowly I met some nice people. And I was happy not only in the sense of I gave free hugs, but I educated people more on what is AIDS, based on my medical knowledge.
I just love the idea of spreading love, don't you?

So this is me! Giving free hugs on that day. :D
They have this pretty cards for people who are willing to dedicate their wishes to AIDS patients. All the money collected will be donated to Malaysian Aids Council. And they hung them all around the place forming a very warming scene. :)

The two big red sculptures.

Meanwhile, they had some stage performances and celebrities coming to show their support in this event. The highlight of the day is the Freezemob and the Flashmob. UM people did a very wonderful performance! :) not to say how happy I was to meet some of my KMNS friends who are studying at UM. I have been missing my matrik life for like so muchhh!

Last but not least, group picture of the day. Oh ya, our theme colour is RED.

My love is free for everyone.
But I wouldn't wish my love to be free for you.


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