Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Great Year --- 2012 Team Johor

Went for St John Ambulance First Aid and Home Nursing Competition a few days ago.
The place where I had so much of memories.
Already went for thrice.
2009 I went as a competitor.
2010 I went as my daughters' supporter.
2012 I am my granddaughters' supporter.
Yes I believe this is what we called 传承.

Lim Wei Shan, Kerk Li Xin, Chu Cia Min, K'ng Le Xi, Yuenn Teh Tong Tze.
You girls did so great.
Champion is not everything.
You know it clearly, that the main thing is the thing after competition.
Please persist what I persist on you girls on your fellow juniors.
And, guess you wont know the excitement of me seeing 5 of you performing in front of me.
These are my words for you all : I am proud to be SSI-ian all because of you girls.

Chong Ro Wan,
the Nursing Adult Segamat Team Number One,
Johor Gagah Rowan.
I may not know you really well.
But I know that you are really an iron lady.
Sprained ankle but with high standard performance and leadership.
I salute you.

The moment of getting back the CIC Cup is wonderful.
And the thought of adding one star on Team Johor Shirt is just so proud.
Mr Perba : '' This is another great year. ''

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