Sunday, June 3, 2012

Real Friends

As I was graduated from secondary school , exposed to matrics life,
I started to feel that I do not know the real definition of friends.
I used to think that friends can be really simple.
And you dont need many.
Even one or two is enough.
But is it like so?
Can one really survive with only one and two friends?

A person need a variety of friends.
Friends who can laugh out very very loud with you, until your tears burst out ;
Friends who you can tease them without having to worry that they will take it serious ;
Friends who you seldom contact, but you get to talk a lot with him or her once you two meet ;
And most importantly, friends who can be your teacher,
teaching you life lessons, gaining from every talk,
and this type of friends, you can sit with her or him for a few hours doing nothing else but talking and sharing.
And even your enemies in your heart can be another type of friends,
you learnt from these imperfect people, don't you?

I am blessed to have a variety of friends,
and this makes me to have different characters in different groups of friends at certain times.
( because it is impossible every type of friends behave in the same way )
Will you lost in this kind of situation?
Is it simple-minded people or we say think-less people,
will have difficulties in changing their characters at these moments?
Can you answer questions like, you like to be with which gang of friends more?
I dont think so.
Every individual is unique, so do every love they pour out to their loved ones.

People say,
The more you see, the more you will lose your way.
I naively hope each and every friendships last, never fade with time,
and ten years later twenty years later thirty years later , we are still the same.

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