Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Journey @ Part One

Oww man. This is going to be a very very long post.
This is a journey of me and my matric friends,
and it lasts for 9 days 8 nights.
Unbelievable? Yes it's true!
You are gonna love my 3 little girl friends after reading my post. :D

DAY 1  21st May
I departed from JB Sentral with Zhi Wei from Batu Pahat.
We took train and the whole journey to Kelantan Wakaf Bahru took us around 13 hours.
Yes you didnt hear me wrong.
13 hours!
And we are heading to the northest of Malaysia-- Kelantan! :p
That was the first time I took train and the whole journey made me a little bit uncomfortable as the train shook a lot and made noises at most of the time.
I was awakened for a few times during my sleep.
A special experience though. :)

My bed seat!

I slept just beside the door. A little bit scary and shaky when the door opened.

We had breakfast and went to a temple.
Next stop is Pantai Cahaya Bulan!

The four of us! From the left : me, ZhiWei, PuiHong and XueNi.

The sweet couple. <3

Not forgeting to leave our footprints. <3

Beautiful! :)

After a nice lunch at XueNi's house, we went to Muzium Kraftangan.

The Kelantan-stlye beautiful building.

Playing like a child. Lol.

The place where we got the 7 keychains for my 7souls band members.
And these nomal guitar and drum keychains turned out to become like this....

Feel so excited after I drew our 7souls logo and alll our names on it!
Love it to the max! :D
Hope my members like it too!

Okay back to our trip.
It was a hot evening and we were all craving for ICE. So we went to the Bubble Ice Cafe.

I had the top right one. Mango ice. Yum yum.
Played games while we were eating our ice. Look at everyone's expressions during the game and you will know how enjoy we were! :)

The moment when it drops! Ohhhh

Our dinner of the night --- Dai-Lok-Mee. 大条面
Strongly recommended by Xue Ni so we tried it.
It was really nice!

Went to KB mall afterwards and that's the end of Day One.
To be continue! :)

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