Monday, June 11, 2012

Life is full of disappointment?

Life is so full of disappointment.
Or is it only mine?

I really do mind it when people who I care so much treat me as a transparent glass.
Not even a '' Hi! '' or '' Hello! '' or '' How are you? ''
Hello? Are you suffering from amnesia?
or is what I did for you is not enough?
I had never exist in your life?
Not even a moment that you ever think that I am important, that I worth your '' thank you '' ?
Too arrogant for asking for your attention?
I am easily forgotten? Huh?
When everyone else is on your mind, I am the only one who is not on your mind list.
How hurtful is that?
You dont know?
You wont know.
Until the tears nearly burst out infront of the screen.

Hey, and you.
Dont think so highly of yourselves.

One last question.
Do you treat me as a dumb?
Or am I really a dumb.

Thank you.

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