Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Escape from everything, to be different.

My orthodontik dentist showed me black face today when I told her I am going to Sarawak in September, and I requested for changing to Sarawak to continue my plan of putting on braces. Changing dentist can be easy, it is transfering your job to another dentist in Kuching, why must you show face that makes the patient feels: You think I want to go to Sarawak ahh. Can any healthcare professionals ever made their patients feel so awful? I would say that it is just because she hates troublesome patient. She will probably like patient who never need her to comfort and layan. She wants to finish her job quickly, not bothering whether she had made you feel pain. She is just, maybe elder than me for a few years old. Studied dentistry for 5 years, and now acting arrogant to her patient. What kind of world is this? Doctors and dentists everywhere, but with low qualities. This makes me lagi determined to be a different doctor in the future.

How many more sleepless nights should I have?
God, I want to be different. She and I are not the same. I want an escape.

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