Sunday, October 21, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

I get mad of myself easily. Especially when I cannot even differentiate plantar and dorsal view. When I still have to hesitate when I come to anterior posterior superior inferior dorsal plantar transverse sagittal . When I cannot even remember the basics, to differentiate all the muscles of the lower limb. All their origins insertions nerve supplies and actions just drive me crazy. When I still have to google for some English words which I cannot understand. I suddenly lost my way and I don't know how to study effectively anymore. I may really need to study like the other geniuses do. My brain works too slow. Why you so slow. Why I cannot response to a question as quick as the others. Caffeine is not working on me anymore. The feeling of going out during weekends is strong, but no you can't, or you will be feeling guilty for the whole week after that. Never feel like shopping so much. To eat good food. To meet old friends. To buy pretty beautiful stuffs.
If it wasn't because I have three other roommates, I believe I would have thrown all my books my laptop and scream. My dear blog, thank you for saving me for not doing so. So yeah, I am fine. I will make sure I look very fine.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Happy One Month studying in Perdana, hereby announcing that 15 more days to my first formative assessment and first card signing.

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  1. life like riding bicycle..even the genius one may fall when the first time ride the one can speed for beginner..just try to adapt and adopt..:)


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