Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Beginning Is Always The Hardest.

This is really a quote just right for me. As for now. New beginning in Perdana University. Started 2 weeks of lecture. New friends new lecturers new environment and all. I am so not good in adapting and I realise I always not happy when I come into a new environment. Why is it so? Is time going to be the factor that change everything after the beginning?

I am always very proud of myself as a Chinese. I mean, I think as a Chinese, it is very not right that you do not know how to speak and write Chinese at all. I feel that it is a shame. But recently I just realise that this perception may be wrong. Speaking English well is far more cool. Or maybe in medical profession. My only advantage in language has lost. And so do my only confidence left.

I don't understand why people can nod their heads during lecture when the lecturers were obviously talking craps. I don't understand why people must wear like they are going to party when they are going to a medical school. I even don't understand why couples must text at all times.

I do not want to be how I am right now after a few months. I am expecting some changes in me. At least a stronger me. I have always been telling this to myself for dont know how many times but I am still the weak me. The only person that can help me regain my strength and confidence has gone. You have forgotten what I have said, that you are the source of my confidence.

Time for me to conquer the Anatomy Book. Bye people.

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