Monday, September 15, 2014


#1 Eunice is a name I gave myself when I was 13. I desired for a change at that time and I must say, it really did make a lot of difference. Full name is Eunice Tham Jia Wei. Not many people know how to write my Chinese name 谭佳薇 because even I find it hard.

#2 174cm is my height. I don't love or hate my height. And no I don't play basketball. But tall guys who play sports are my cup of tea. #yesssss

#3 I prefer writing to speaking. In that way, I can compose my thoughts clearer and better. And that is why I blog.

#4 I am an introvert and a good listener, probably a little anti-social. Prefer small group gatherings rather than big group.

#5 I own Grade Eight Piano Certificate since I was 13 but I can hardly play one complete piece now except Canon in D and Fur Elise.

#6 Youngest in the family but people say I don't look like one.

#7 I don't have a strong heart but I still go for roller coaster because I love to scream like nobody's business.

#8 I am a hopeless romantic.

#9 I don't go to cinema. Cinemas are for couples. Duh.

#10 I've been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember. Then when I learnt about OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder), I know this just describes me - I get angry when I cannot write in a straight line so I will rub them off and write again. (This rule still applies when I left only 5 minutes in the exam hall.)

#11 I cry easily. One thing I want to change of myself.

#12 I always customize gifts. So when I handmade cards/DIY stuffs for you, you know you are precious to me. :)

#13 I am a loyal friend. I may lose contact with you but I do care, and I will always appreciate the friendship and memories we share.

#14 Best decision made in life - took part in St John Competition in 2009. Because this leads me to what I am studying now - medicine, and I am proud of that.
What I regretted the most - letting go of someone I loved in 2013.

#15 9 out of 10 bras in my wardrobe are purple in colour. I have no idea why. And no I don't like purple. I don't have a favourite colour.

#16 I cannot ride a bicycle, I cannot swim, and I cannot drive (okay maybe I can, but I don't).

#17 I care too much about what others think of me to the extent that I lose myself and I forget what I wanted at the very first place.

#18 I love everything that's old - my bolster, clothing, songs, books, letters, people.

#19 Midnight > morning
      heels > flats
      cafe > mamak
      noodles > rice
      vegetables > meat

#20 My dream is to go on a Ferris Wheel with my love.


  1. Aww <3 Love you dear! I'm glad I met you! :) We may be different, but we still clicked! Hehe. And LOL at #15 XD

    1. Haha #15 was a random thought couldn't think of any already XD I am glad I met you too! :) <3

  2. Omg number 15 hahaha!!!
    #10 i wish i have ocd too so i can have a nice handwriting. My writing sucks. XD So counted as a blessing in disguise? :3

    1. Haha you wouldn't like it if you have OCD. Sometimes it can be very stressful because you just cannot control yourself and keep wanting things to be better and better. You are awesome in your own way my dear. <3

  3. Hmmm. When you start PSY you'll realise it isn't so much about OCD.
    Anyway nice post.

    1. Really? Then what's it? Thanks for reading anyway. :)


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