Thursday, September 4, 2014

[FASHION OOTD] Looking Classy with Appapherals

''A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.''
Coco Chanel

One of the hottest and most popular fashionable trends for this summer are jumpsuit/rompers. They are amazing fashion items that combine beauty with practicality, and they are also very versatile to pair with any piece of accessories. You can dress them down with some flats or sandals; or dress them up with heels and accessories. Whether you want a short holiday romper or an evening gown alternative, there is a jumpsuit for every occasion. So what's not to love? :)

Remember my first fashion ootd? Click here to read if you haven't already! This time, I am trying out a casual but classy outfit featuring my favourite fashion item in my wardrobe nowadays - the Korean Skinny Leisure Long Jumpsuit from Appapherals!

Parisian chic style is all about minimal design to look classy and elegant. The beautiful prints on the pants itself is enough to create a Parisian classy look effortlessly. High heels to accentuate the shape of my legs and lastly, a black gatsby-style hat to add that Parisian finishing touch.

Korean Skinny Leisure Long Jumpsuit - Appapherals (Product Code: D087 here)
Gatsby-Style Hat - Appapherals (Product Code: H004 here)
Soft Pink High Heels - Payless
Prada Inspired Handbag - Farenheit 88
Accessories - Cotton On

Photographer: Dear Carinn!
Location: Victoria Rossa English Tea Room, JB

Appapherals is a young, cheerful and sophisticated online store previously based only on Instagram, but now spreading into Facebook to reach more people! Appapherals is an abbreviation of the products they carry - apparels & peripherals, which means they sell clothings as well as other essential equipments that can enhance our daily life/image! 

For the ladies! :)

Not forgetting, for the guys!

Such pretty shoes!

Bags and wallets!

Even iPad covers!

The young owner of Appapherals, Carol had the idea of starting an online business together with her partner to venture into something more challenging. They started off small but they work hard and cater to every customer's needs. Now, they are proud to announce that they are starting to bring in more and more ready stocks! Congratulations Appapherals! :) Anddddd they are going to have a major giveaway soon! (Sneakpeek: vouchers to shop anything in their catalogue for FREE! Are you excited? :D)

Follow them on their Facebook page and Instagram to get latest updates! They provide FREE postage within WM, and only an extra RM5 for EM. Do take note that batch order closes every Thursday at 11.59pm. :) Line/Wechat ID: appapherals to order or to ask about measurements. They are really friendly and will be happy to answer all of your questions. :)

 Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, 
and I hope that you will find yours in Appapherals
Happy shopping! :)

Appapherals Facebook page
Appapherals Instagram
Appapherals Line/Wechat ID: appapherals



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