Monday, September 29, 2014

[FASHION REVIEW] Get Versatile with Te Chi Chi!

Often feet are the most forgotten part of the human body - in fact, it totally deserves a treat. Good shoes take you to good places, don't you agree? :) Therefore, investing on a good pair of shoes will never go wrong. Clothes may be seasonal, but a good pair of shoes can go a long way!

I was really happy to receive the pretty pink boxes at my doorstep a few weeks back - they are the Te Chi Chi shoes that I have anticipated for long! Check out these pretty babies!

Left: Brown Oxford Leather Shoes with Studs (Product Code: TE222-21 here)
Right: Black Stylenanda Inspired Bar Buckle Sandals (Product Code: TEX258-XC10 here)

A study found that the average woman has 20 pairs of shoes, but only wears five of them regularly! That's why we all love shoes that can wear with almost anything, one that can be worn in many different settings. Talk about versatility. Below, I created two different looks with each pair of shoes, two (or even more!) looks for the price of one! Isn't it a good deal? :) Let's see how we can pair them!

Brown Oxford Leather Shoes with Studs 
(Product Code: TE222-21 here)
1. The Office Lady Look
Oxford shoes are inspired by menswear, therefore they make a polished impression for office work. This pair of Oxfords with a subtle pointy toe look best on us women regardless of our body shapes. In most cases, it's the cut of the pants that will determine whether or not you've got a winning combination. So in this outfit, make sure to show off your ankles and that the pants are slim or tapered, because wide leg cuts make you look shorter. In that sense you will have a good balance and sense of proportion in your outfit. Moreover, you wouldn't like it if your pants cover up the pretty studs on the Oxfords!

2. Back To School
If you are daring and adventurous in trying out different kind of outfits, you may want to try pairing flat oxford shoes with skater skirts. The masculinity of the shoe can be balanced with the feminine touches of the skirt. Add some playfulness to the outfit with a pair of lace bow detail socks and bowler hat. And you will definitely be the most fabulous girl in your school!

Black Stylenanda Inspired Bar Buckle Sandals 
(Product Code: TEX258-XC10 here)
1. It's all about black and white - monochrome
They say opposite attracts, hence there is no better colour combination than black and white! Black and white monochrome look is the simplest yet most chic of looks. This pair of Black Stylenanda Inspired Bar Buckle Sandals from Te Chi Chi doubles the impact of monochrome and turns you into a fashionista instantly. Top off the look with the stylish black wide brim floppy hat. I totally love this minimalist outfit! How about you?

2. Be your own rock star - Street Punk
Sometimes we probably get tired of having to look all feminine and classy - we want an escape. Try this punk look with your ripped high-waisted jeans and a crop top with words that tell the world who you are and how you are not going to care of what others think of you - that's really the heart of being punk. Studded wristbands and bracelets give the edgy look, and lastly, the black sandals to complete the whole punk and hipster look.

So where to get these pretty & versatile shoes?

Te Chi Chi is a brand that brings you access to the hottest and latest trends from the land of Gangnam Style and Wonder Girls! A wide variety of Korean styled shoes and their shoes are imported directly from Korea! Hands up K-pop fans? :D Now you can create your cutest and most adorable look and be sure that you are one step closer to becoming like your stylish and trendy idols with this brand. Te Chi Chi also has just launched their own fashion brand called TOT-TOT which you can get them from their Queensbay Mall outlet!

Gentle reminder: Most of the cuttings of the shoes are small, so you might want to get one size larger. Best if you can purchase it from their shop itself to get the size that actually fits you. :)

There are six Te Chi Chi branch outlets nationwide which includes :
Queensbay Mall
Raja Uda, Butterworth
Bukit Mertajam
Taiping Sentral Mall
Gurney Plaza in Penang (New outlet - Coming in October)
Queensbay Mall Clothes Outlet

Phone: +604-6466331

Te Chi Chi's Website :
Te Chi Chi's Facebook :
Te Chi Chi is also available at Lazada and Zalora!

So once again, thank you for taking your time to read my blog. It has been a while since my last post but I love all of you who still visit my blog and tell me you miss me despite my lacking of updates. I really put in a lot of effort in each and every single post, including this one, because I truly believe that I have to go wholeheartedly into every post I do in order to touch my readers' hearts and to really understand and give what my readers expect from my words. I may not be the best blogger - I don't have thousands of followers, I don't have a long list of sponsors to back me up, I may not be able to express myself well enough, and I don't own a good camera for higher quality photos. But I wish that I am able to create an emotional connection with you, just by words. That's my ultimate goal of being a blogger. Okay this is getting more and more irrelevant, I better stop here haha. Till next time! :)



  1. if only they have a store in KL :) Love how you match the clothes with the shoes.

    1. Thank you! Yea I wish they have a store in KL too :/

  2. didnt know they got a shop here! haha

  3. nice post and outfit ideas =D

  4. There is a shop at Berjaya Times Square, KL. Its called "Offline Blogshop" or sth like that. I bought a pair of shoes there, pretty nice pascal colours to choose from.


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