Thursday, November 10, 2011


I wanted to write something about time.Because i cant grab it in my hands so i am going to jot it down here.
For your information i already finish my Sem One in KMNS.
Should i put :D or :( or :O or ?
Three parts to conclude my Sem One.

# Firstly, it's my friends!
They are different, friends that u can eat together, bath together, sleep together.
They are your neighbours, which u can knock knock their door at any time, to consult any studies problem.
Being so close to them in nearly six months, can i say i dont love them? :)

#  Second, band!
As i have promised before, here are some pictures to be shared!
We had several times of performance in Sem One.
Hopefully in Sem Two we have more! :D
Band is important to me, i just love myself in music.
I never know i will love this so much.
Without band, i will bored to death. D:
So thank you super friends! <3

Our setting up of performance.
Every time need to carry EVERYTHING from here to there.
Not as easy as u thought!

I like the first performance the most!
Our attires are all in WHITEEE :p

Our training every night

hmm. very serious.

erm, this picture can be explained.
Because normally we are bored when we are waiting for our turn to perform.

# Thirdly, 我的四个贵人.
Talking about Gui Ren means i cant afford to lose them in my matrics life.
They are special.

He is my classmate.
He is Mister Ihsan.
Why i called him Mister?
Because he likes to call me Mister Eu.
The first time he called " Mister Eu! " , then i was like, huh i am not mister i am miss okay.
His reason also very special " umm sebab panggil org lain Mister very nice. "
-.- okay.
He always called me Mister Eu, easily made me laugh all the time. haha

His name is Hanif.
Good friend of Mister Ihsan.
A very kind hearted malay guy.
As cute as Mister Ihsan lo!

He is the most special i guess.
My ex classmate, name Ibrahim.
 Loooking at his pose and u will know how special is he.
A very ideal clown, can non stop making ppl laugh.
Somebody like Ah Neo during my previous high school.
Thanks to him, i laugh more. :)

Lastly, my Mathematics teacher Cik Halina.
The most dedicated teacher i have seen before.
She sacrifice her time to have extra math lecture with us almost every night.
Always can crack jokes.
She teach good, making me not fear of math like i am fear of Add Math before.
Seeing us all in sleepy mode, she will take some Choki Choki or sweets from her car and distribute it to everyone of us.
Because she's not married yet, i think she gave all her love to her students. 
So i am lucky to be one of her students.


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