Saturday, November 19, 2011

If u know me well

1. I am tall. Very very tall for girls. And I am neutral about my height. I dont love it nor do i hate it. But i am poor in sports. Stop being deceived by my height and say that i must be good in volleyball, basketball or whatever ball. I am not le so sorry.

2. I am a computer idiot. A completely new technology idiot. I am always constantly outdated. Normally, I only visit Facebook and Blogger everytime I online. Hmm yea very slowww I know.

3. I have a bad sense of direction. I dont even familiar with the road to my home which i have lived for nearly 18 years. I think this is mainly because I haven got my driving license. I guess I will improve after i learn how to drive after my Matrics? Perhaps.

4. I dont like to go to cinema. Okay I know this is very weird. I just dont like it. Except there are nice movie out there such as Na Xie Nian. Or unless u are too special until I dont wanna say no to you at all.

5. I am scare of dogs, cats, cockroaches, lizards, bees, butterflies, snakes......... Anything that will move? My God.

6. I am a good listener. I dont like the embarassment where I need to struggle very much to find something to talk to a person. I am lazy to do so. Maybe this is why many people commented Eunice as a very quiet person? But believe me, I have a warm heart! :D

7. I study last minute. I dont want to be like this at all but this is how I study and this pretty suits me. I need coffee for me to stay up in the night. But dont label me as a coffee-lover.

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