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[BEAUTY REVIEW] SKINCANDY.CO 3 Concept Eyes Jumbo Lip Crayon #Bohemian Pink

Ever since the Korean wave has spread across the globe, people have become curious about the makeup and skin care trends of these rising stars. What makes their skin glowing? How do they make their eyes look bigger? Every woman wants to look like them. 

One of the hottest cosmetic products may be BB cream, which is dubbed as the beauty secret of Korean celebrities. But today, I am going to introduce you to what every girl in Korea has in her makeup bag - 3 Concept Eyes (3CE)! 3CE is the most famous and trendy cosmetic brand nowadays and I am feeling grateful that the first lip product I own is one of the bestseller of 3CE lines - Jumbo Lip Crayon! All thanks to the pretty owner of, Audrey. Check out her awesome blog as well. :)

Jumbo lip crayon is a lipstick with smooth glide feeling, having a lip balm moisturized-like finish over. There are 12 unique colours available and the one that I am going to review today is #Bohemian Pink. I choose this colour because I love the natural sweet colour tone it creates and also since this is the first time I am reviewing a lip product, let's start with something simple and sweet. We will keep those pop lip colour for next time , shall we? :)

Every 3CE products come in a classic black box.
For the lip crayon box, the lip crayon colour is shown at upper part of the box.

Looking stylish with the simple black packaging!
It is really slim and travel friendly :D

Shade indicator on the bottom of each sticks.
#Bohemian Pink - creating a sweet lady look.

Korean words which I don't understand but this means it is originally imported from Korea!

Well, I must admit that I am not a make-up guru so what I am going to share with you today is just my personal experience not some teaching classes kay. :p I am never a supporter of heavy make-up. I prefer nude make up and my makeup routine pretty much revolves around BB cream, eye-liner, and lip gloss. Hence this time, I instantly fall in love with the #Bohemian Pink after my first try.

First try on a piece of paper. The colour is a very sweet, pretty pink beige. 

Here's my before and after applying the lip crayon. As you can see, before applying (left) my lips are pale, especially my upper lips. After applying (right), my lips look fuller, radiant and more defined. The colour is not very obvious, more to a natural type of colour. But this is the main reason I love it!

What I think:

3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon is very creamy and it glides smoothly on my lips! It is very easy to apply for beginners like me. It gives glossy finish, unlike some lip crayon which tend to have matte finish. It has a very mild scent, almost unnoticeable compared to other lip products. And also because it is not those obvious pop lip colours, I can use it everyday when going to university! No wonder it is so popular and famous now!

Where to purchase?

Company name : (SkinCandy Trading JM0673490-T)
Tagline : SkinCandy makes your skin happy
Instagram : Hashtag: #skincandyco
Email :
Line/ WeChat : skincandyco
Whatsapp : 011-12717270
Carousell : Skincandyco do provides meetup/ COD for JB and Singapore customers at specific locations.
For JB : City Square - Weekdays during working hour 9.00am - 5.00pm
For Singapore : Little India/ Bugis MRT- time to be advise.
For COD, do contact for more details and arrangement.

 Some feedback from the happy customers :D

Not only 3CE products, Skincandy.Co is now an affiliate of LJH Cosmetics from Korea, and the partner of sole distributor for japan’s LB (Lady Bird cosmetics - ambassador is Lena Fuji) and BeiWei 23.5 from Taiwan. So girls make sure you visit their page and shop away! You can click on the logo at the side of my blog for direct access. :)

Jumbo Lip Crayon is priced at RM70 from Good news is that you can get RM 5 off with any purchase by quoting my unique code (EUNICEXSC5) during purchase! Take note that it is valid until 30/7/2014. Plus, they are having a special Parents' Day promotion now and all items are entitled to 10% discount until the end of June which means today is the last day! Faster grab your items from them now :D 

Post your received items on social platform tagging @skincandyco and hashtag #skincandyco to entitle another RM 5 off for the next purchase! Woohoo so many discounts! :)

AND ALSO will be launching the “1k fans giveaway”. Once achieve 1k fans, will hold a giveaway as an appreciation to the followers. So what are you waiting for? Quickly share fans page, tag friends, spread the word! :D


Before ending my post, girls I want you to remember this........

So keep smiling kay! :)

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